yondr x kcsd faqs



    What is a Yondr pouch?  

    Yondr pouch is a magnetic pouch that stores phones and creates a distraction free climate and culture in school.  Yondr Pouch enables teachers to teach and students to focus on their learning without distractions.



    How does it work?  

    As students arrive at school they will:

    1. Turn their cell phone off. 

    2. Place their cell phone in the Yondr pouch and secure it in front of school staff. 

    3. Store it in their backpack or on their person for the day. 

    4. At the end of the day, students will open their pouch, remove their phone and put it in their backpack.  Students must bring their pouch with them to school each day. 

    **Students leaving early or staying late after school will unlock their pouch to retrieve their phones at designated safe spaces. 



    Does it take long to unlock the cases?  

    No. Yondr unlocking stations are located at designated areas throughout the building in order to unlock pouches.  It takes only 2 to 3 seconds to unlock the pouch. 



    What if my child needs a phone for learning?  

    The school provides students with designated one to one chrome book devices. 



    What if my child needs the phone for medical reasons?  

    Students who need their phones for medical reasons will have a slightly different pouch that can be opened by the student without the use of the unlocking device.  



    What if I want to reach my child during the school day?  

    We want our students to be academically engaged in their learning during the school day.  However, in case of an emergency, please contact the school's main office to reach your student. 



    What happens if there is an emergency at the school?  

    In the case of a school emergency, we direct our students to follow our school’s emergency preparedness protocol. Building Administration have mobile emergency kits which will contain unlocking devices that can be deployed rapidly as needed. 



    Where are designated safe spaces for students to, with permission, remove their phones from their pouch to make a call?                                                                                        

    Each building will have designated spaces for phone use which may include the administrator's office, support staff offices, nurse's office, attendance office, and athletics office.                                                           


    Will my student’s phone be safe?  

    Students are in possession of their phone - in their Yondr pouch - for the entire school day. We will advise students to store the pouch in their backpacks where it is completely safe. 



    What if the Yondr pouch gets damaged or lost?  

    The Yondr pouch is property of the Kingston City School District. If a student damages or tampers with a Yondr pouch, they will be held responsible. Replacement pouches will be $20.



    How can I clean my student’s Yondr pouch?  

    Yondr pouches can be washed in cold water and dried. Pouches can also be cleaned with a disinfectant cleaner.