March Newsletter

Team Ponte Vecchio Newsletter


  • Snow days: We are all out of snow days! Any future days that would be snow days will be online, and teachers will be working from home.


  • STAR Tests: Winter STAR testing is complete for ELA and Math. The district uses these tests as diagnostics to track student progress - they do not affect your student's report card grades. You can find the reports in your student's chat from us (Lisa Whitcomb and Serena Bailey). If you would like another copy of your students STAR report, or need help reading the report, please let us know.


  • Grades: 5-Week reports are coming out soon! Check your student's grades on Teams using the "Grades" tab in each class. Fill out this survey if you'd like us to check in with you about your student's progress.


  • Office Hours: We are available Period 4 and Period 10 for make-up work, corrections, and extra help. Students are required to come when they are scheduled by a teacher, and encouraged to join in whenever they need.


  • Math Workbooks: Math workbooks are available for pick up at the school. They are not required, but if you would like a little less screen time or to have some extra practice for your student you can pick them up Mon-Fri at the A door. Call ahead at the main office to make sure pick up is open.


  • Reminder: Please continue to have students read independently 20 minutes each day. If you need help getting books for your child, please let us know.