October Newsletter

Dear families,

Happy October! We are one month into online learning, and we hope you and your students are adjusting as best you can. Here is the new information for this month:

1. KCSD has announced the reopening plan will be changed. As per their announcement, "While final details are not currently available, a hybrid, rotational model that provides periods of in person learning for all students, PreK-12 will be the structure of our new education program. We anticipate welcoming elementary students back to our schools by October 26 and secondary students by November 9." 

We are waiting for more details, and the plan may again be subject to change. You can find KCSD's full message in their most recent email, and the recordings of BoE meetings and Town Halls are available on the KCSD YouTube page.


2. Attached to this email is the PowerPoint from Back to School Night. In it, there is information on how to check your student's grades, use Teams, find free books, and more. Thank you again to the families that were able to come and meet us!


3. Not sure if your student is actually doing their classwork? In each core class's Team page, there is a daily message or assignment posted with the work for the day. There are detailed instructions and links to any resources students were asked to use. You can also check the "Grades" tab, however, it might take some time to grade certain assignments. We are doing our best to give timely feedback.


4. We want to know how you're doing! Please use this link to complete a quick survey to give us feedback and ask questions:



As always, please contact us with any questions or concerns, and encourage your students to do the same.

Have a great weekend,

- Team Ponte Vecchio, Lisa Whitcomb and Serena Bailey


Prep for Reopening

Please make sure your contact information with the school is up to date. We need your most current information to prepare the school for reopening.

Guest Lecture

Would you like to come speak on a topic or do a demonstration for our class? Send us an email and let us know!