Battle of the Books Championship!

Battle of the Books


Battle of the Books 2023 has concluded and our very own Team Tiger Warriors, representing JWB's 5th and 6th Grade class, emerged victorious with a final score of 40-35! Congratulations to our students and coach Fina and Lasher! And while our 8th grade team, The Gnosey Gnomes, did not get the win in their bracket, they still put on an amazing performance and were only 2 points behind! Awesome job students and coach McCann! Thank you coaches and JWB Librarian, Mrs. Polack, for your continued dedication to our students and thank you to MCM principal, Mr Sheber, for hosting the event!

Team Tiger Warriors

Pictured above, the victorious Team Tiger Warriors 

Gnosey Gnomes

Pictured above, our amazing 8th Grade team, The Gnosey Gnomes!