I forgot a note and need to get my student early from school, what do I do?

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All efforts should be made to provide a written note to the Attendance Office prior to first period. All students must sign out in the Attendance Office. If a student is returning to school, they must sign back in.

Things happen. If you or your student forgot a note that morning, you can email khsattendance@kingstoncityschools.org. This email will also suffice as a written note, when it includes an excusable absence reason as listed in the policy and rules. Keep in mind that we get many, many emails a day and last minute emails can get missed while performing other duties. It is always best to send these emails prior to the start of the day.

Parents can also come to the security desk and write a note there. However, we ask that you are aware and understanding of the constraints of last minute notification.

There are over 1800 students at KHS, and at least double that of parents/guardians. There are 2 attendance employees and 2 front desk employees. Both are tasked with answering phones, emails, and dealing with students and staff, on top of their regular duties. We are also contractually not allowed to call into classrooms until the last 3 minutes of class. This is excused during an emergency only. However, there is also the added constraints of locating students who are at lunch, gym, or between periods. Sometimes this takes time, and your patience is appreciated. While most parents are in contact with their students, this does not excuse students from leaving class, or the building, without the Attendance Office.