I got an email about my childs absence and have a question, what do I do?

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In the email that is auto generated at the end of each day, at the very bottom, there is a breakdown of periods in which your student may have been marked absent. If your student was absent for a single period, or even two, they will need to speak to their teachers regarding these absences. The attendance office does NOT take attendance for teachers, we only correct absences after we receive written verification from the teacher.

If your student was absent for a few periods, the same instruction as above must take place.

An email will also go home if your student is absent unexcused for the day, or half the day. The only way this does not happen is if you email in a note with an excused reason for the absence before the start of the day. If your student returns after an absence with a note, we update the system at that time.

Keep in mind that even with a note the absence can remain unexcused. Please see the policy, and rules listed below for explanations of excused and unexcused.