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KHS Crew Results from NFA Indoor Race

KHS Crew team poses with their medals after the NFA indoor meet
Congratulations to the Kingston High School Crew team, who brought home ten medals from their indoor race at Newburgh Free Academy this past weekend!  
Girls 9&10 Grade Lightweight 
Event 3- 3rd place Jeanine Ohene-Agyei 
Girls 11&12 Grade Lightweight 
Event 4- 1st place Faye Higgins 
3rd place Ariana Lazala
Boys 9&10 Grade Lightweight 
Event 6- 1st Place Cam Fairley
3rd Place Tristan D’Arcy
Girls 9&10 Grade Open Division 
Event 7- 2nd place Kylie Williams 
Boys 9&10 Grade Open Division 
Event 9- 1st Place Ryan North
3nd Place Jake Kirshner
Girls Coxswain Race 
Event 11- 1st Place Emma Spadafora
Boys Coxswain Race
Event 12- 2nd Place Andres Ouloupis