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KCSD Wrestling Intramurals

KHS Wrestling Team

                                                            KHS Wrestling Team


Kingston Youth Wrestling Intramurals is the platform which the Kingston Varsity Wrestling staff is using to introduce the sport of Folkstyle Wrestling to KCSD students, grades 3-6.  

Due to resources and facility space, intramural sessions will be held in the Kate Walton Field House at the Kingston High School rather than the individual elementary schools. 

Unlike professional wrestling, Folkstyle Wrestling is a real sport with real rules and ethics! Wrestling is an outstanding sport that provides structure, discipline, and self confidence! 

It is the goal of the Kingston High School Wrestling Staff to provide a fun, safe, and exciting approach to the sport of wrestling.


All sessions will take place at the new Wrestling Room at the KHS Kate Walton Field House 

Date Time 

1. Thursday 4/5 5pm-6pm 

2. Tuesday 4/10 + Thursday 4/12 5pm-6pm 

3. Tuesday 4/17 + Thursday 4/19 5pm-6pm 

4. Tuesday 4/24 + Thursday 4/26 5pm-6pm 

5. Tuesday 5/1 + Thursday 5/3 5pm-6pm 

6. Tuesday 5/8 + Thursday 5/10 5pm-6pm 

7. Tuesday 5/15 + Thursday 5/17 5pm-6pm 

8. Tuesday 5/22 5pm-6pm 


Kingston Youth Wrestling Intramurals will be 14 sessions and 1 hour in duration. 

Each session will focus on particular aspects of the sport, providing each student with the knowledge and skills to compete in an actual bout. 

Parents are asked to remain on site during the Intramural for safety reasons.

Please sign and return permission slip at first session: Wrestling Intramural Permission Slip and Flyer

For more information, please contact Matthew Urciuoli at