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Kingston High Coach Steve Garner to be Inducted into New York State Basketball Hall of Fame!

Great news for Kingston High School (KHS) and our broader Kingston City School District (KCSD) community—our longtime Girls Varsity Basketball Coach and Band Director Steve Garner is set to join the esteemed ranks of the New York State (NYS) Basketball Hall of Fame!

Garner sports an incredible record of 447 wins and 283 losses over his 35-year coaching career. Tied for 35th place in all-time wins for NYS high school girls basketball coaches, he's not just a coach; he's an area legend.

However, Garner recalls the path to victory not always being so certain. In his first few seasons, there were some struggles and not many wins. But Garner says he “stayed the course,” focused on consistency, and discovered winning strategies that have served him ever since. His KHS Section IX Teams have since won a remarkable seven AA titles, and are so far the only state team to advance to the Final 4 three times in a row (2007-2009).

What makes Coach Garner unique isn't just his success on the courts; it's how he seamlessly juggles being a band director and music teacher, too. He explains that what may seem like a challenging combination of roles is, in fact, a natural recharge. By the time marching band season concludes, he has a few weeks to prepare for bringing his players back to the courts. He attributes this cycle to keeping him energized throughout his long career. Additionally, he credits his wife, fellow KHS teacher Karen Garner, for providing crucial family balance, including by bringing his kids (when young) to evening games, so they could help cheer for the team. 

In March, Garner will be inducted with 10 others at a special ceremony, the date of which is yet to be determined. We will keep you posted! KCSD extends a big round of congratulations to Steve Garner. His induction into the New York State Basketball Hall of Fame is a testament to his dedication, passion, and the unbeatable Kingston Tiger spirit.