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NYS Board of Regents Cancels January Regents

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) is cancelling the January 2021 administration of the NYS High School Regents Examination Program in response to the ongoing impact of the COVID–19 pandemic. This cancellation applies to all Regents Examinations that had been scheduled for the January 2021 Regents Examination period (January 26-29, 2021).

Typically, Kingston High School students would not have regular classes during a Regents Week so that all students are free to take their exams. Because all exams have been cancelled, KCSD will use our regular Hybrid Learning Schedule with Maroon students in-person on Monday & Tuesday and Gold students attending in-person on Wednesday & Thursday.

The NYS Education Department has not yet made any decisions about the June and August 2021 Regents Examinations or any of the other State assessment programs. The Board of Regents and the State Education Department will continue to monitor data related to modes of instruction amid the ongoing pandemic.

Because of the cancellation of the January 2021 Regents Examinations, NYSED is making modifications to the assessment requirements that students must meet in order to earn high school diplomas, credentials, and endorsements. These modifications apply to all students who are completing a secondary-level course of study or make-up program in January and are scheduled to participate in one or more of the January 2021 Regents Examinations.

If you (or your student) have any questions on your individual situation, please contact your school guidance counselor.