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Summer School Bus Routes


Students attending JWB (grades 4-6) use these stops only:

                           Pick up time                                 Drop off time

Graves School           7:30am                                       1:30pm

Myer School               7:45am                                        1:15pm

YMCA (side door)       7:30am                                       1:30pm

GW School                 7:45am                                        1:15pm


Students attending MCM (grades 4-6) use these stops only:

                                    Pick up time                       Drop off time

Meagher School               7:30am                                 1:20pm

Chambers School             7:50am                                 1:10pm

Colonial Gardens               7:40am                                 1:15pm

JFK School                         7:20am                                  1:25pm


Students attending GW (grades K-3):

                                       Pick up time                       Drop off time

Myer School                       8:15am                                 2:15pm

Edson School                      8:30am                                2:00pm

Crosby School                    8:15am                                 2:15pm

Chambers School               8:30am                                2:00pm

Graves School                    8:15am                                 2:15pm

JFK School                          8:20am                                 2:10pm

Colonial Gardens                8:30am                                2:00pm

Meagher School                  8:15am                                 2:15pm

YMCA                                   8:30am                                2:00pm


Questions regarding Summer School bus schedules and school placement can be directed to Jessica Jacques - 845-943-3086