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NEW Anonymous Tip System Available at KCSD

iWitnessNY™ logo The Kingston City School District has added an online anonymous security and tip system, iWitnessNY™. This new iWitnessNY™ option will allow KCSD to receive anonymous threat warnings that are immediately forwarded to security staff for action. The “see something, say something” process allows the community as well as staff, students and parents to report potential acts of violence before they occur. Because of the anonymous nature of the warning, or tip, it is anticipated that more people will come forward with information that can help keep our schools safe.

The iWitnessNY™ system is easily accessible:

1.) The KCSD website homepage (see iWitnessNY™ tab)

2.) The KCSD mobile app KCSD square logo , download here: Google Store or Apple Store

3.), the student sign-in system