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Reminders from the KCSD Safety Office

In the spirit of school safety, the Kingston High School would like to remind everyone about the importance of traffic safety in and around the KHS campus.

Student drop-off and pick-up areas are on Broadway and Andrew Street - on the KHS side of the street onlyStudents should not be crossing Broadway or Andrew Street.

For the safety of all, on-campus traffic is restricted during this time. When dropping off, please refrain from opening doors on the street side of your vehicle. It is best that passengers leave the vehicle on the side walk side. Again, all on-campus traffic is restricted during arrival and dismissal times (Arrival 7am – 8:15am, Dismissal 2pm – 2:30pm). This includes the Mary’s Avenue staff parking lot. For the purpose of campus safety please do not use the Mary’s Avenue parking lot for student drop-off or pick-up.


Thank you for helping to keep your campus safe.


Many thanks and Happy Holidays,

The KCS Safety Office