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KCSD Ensembles Soar at NYSSMA Majors!

On June 5-June 7, Kingston High School hosted NYSSMA Majors, an ensemble music festival, where school bands, choruses and orchestras are evaluated by state judges. NYSSMA levels the difficulty of written music on a scale of 1 through 6. With one being the easiest and six being the most difficult to play.
This year, 13 ensembles from Kingston City Schools participated in the NYSSMA Ensemble (Majors) Festival. Ensembles are awarded for their achievement with Bronze, Silver, and Gold.
KHS Jazz Ensemble - level VI: Gold
KHS Symphonic Band - level IV: Gold
KHS Orchestra - level IV: Silver
KHS Chamber - level VI: Silver
KHS Concert Band - level V: Gold with distinction
KHS Wind Ensemble - level VI: Gold with distinction
KHS Choir - level VI: Gold with distinction
KHS Mixed Chorus - level V: Gold
MCM Band 6 - level I: Silver
MCM Band 7/8 - level II: Silver
MCM Chorus - Level II: Silver
JWB Chorus 7/8 - level II: Bronze
JWB Band 7/8 - level III: Gold
Music is leveled by difficulty: Level I is the easiest to Level VI being the hardest. All the groups are rated with a rubric on the following: Tone, Intonation, Balance, Technique, Execution, Rhythm, Interpretation, and something called Influencing factors (Choice of music, Discipline/appearance). Groups that receive a Gold with distinction have qualified for a Gold rating but achieved a standard of performance that was deemed exceptional.
Congratulations to all of the groups on their achievements!