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George Washington Elementary School Pursues Excellence in Learning Through Montessori Education

George Washington (GW) Elementary School  holds a unique place in the Kingston City School District (KCSD) for incorporating a Montessori education model. Simply put, Montessori is a child-centered approach that empowers students through self-directed activities, mixed-age classrooms, and teachers who foster independence.

KCSD takes immense pride in running one of the very few public Montessori schools in New York State.

Committed to the continuous enhancement of GW's Montessori structure, the District enlisted the expertise of Public Montessori in Action—a dynamic non-profit organization dedicated to realizing the vision of Montessori learning. After conducting a thorough review and observing GW's daily practices, this group conducted a comprehensive Needs Assessment.

On Tuesday, August 1, the District invited GW families to participate in a community forum. The primary goal was to present the findings of the Needs Assessment and discuss strategies to fortify the program for future generations.

The detailed report overview, available for your reference (click here), outlines the fundamental aspects of Montessori teaching and suggests ways for GW to come closer to the ideal, strengthening both the program and academic rigor, while remaining true to core Montessori principles. This includes plans for enhanced teacher training, engaging a specialized Montessori coach, and the incorporation of additional Montessori materials.

Find the full Montessori Implementation Plan Presentation here.

We look forward to sharing more about the progress and successes ahead for GW’s trailblazing program.