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KCSD “1:1 Chromebook” Initiative Provides Laptops Built for Learning

Kingston City School District (KCSD) is excited to announce the launch of its 1:1 Chromebook initiative, a program that provides laptops to students in order to increase technological integration–as well as equity–in our schools. 

This project was developed in response to the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) community survey, which requested feedback on ways to direct the federal funds. Community support indicated that technology access for education was a top priority.

The “1:1” program is designed to support learning at each grade level. At the High School and Middle Schools, all students will be assigned a laptop that will travel with them throughout the instructional day as well as to and from school. At the High School, all Grade 9 students have been assigned laptops; the rollout for Grades 10-12 is ongoing. At the Middle School, all students have been assigned a laptop. At the Elementary level, Grades 2-4 students have been assigned Chromebooks that remain in school for instructional enhancement. For Grades K-1, there are 10 laptops available in each classroom. 

Dr. Alissa Oliveto, Director of Teaching and Learning K-12 stresses that this implementation does not mean that students are “just sitting in front of a computer screen. This is about enhancing instruction.” As studies have shown, “using a multi-faceted approach to instruction results in increased student engagement and will meet the needs of all types of learners,” she says. Teachers have been and will continue to be trained specifically to support the integration of computers throughout the students’ education.

Gary Tomczyk, KCSD Chief Information Officer, also shares that, in the older grade levels, the“1:1 assignment” is critical to creating a sense of responsibility and ownership. Graduates will leave KHS owning the laptops to use during their post-secondary education or when they enter the workforce. 

To ensure the online security of all students, all instructional products go through an administrative review process that includes how the program enhances learning and where it directly ties into our state standards. In addition, we are also adding  a security feature on all Chromebooks, which allows teachers to view what students are viewing in real time while in the classroom. This will help students stay focused on their coursework.  

There is also support available for homes that may not have internet access. The IT Department can direct people to resources to assist them to find affordable or free connectivity options.

The District looks forward to sharing our progress on  this new and exciting initiative , which speaks directly to our mission of preparing our students with 21st century skills. 

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