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Special Education Summer Program Students Welcome Piglet, a Deaf, Blind (and Pink) Dog!


Students at the Summer Special Education program at Myer School received a very special visitor this week – Piglet, a blind, deaf dog whose name was inspired by  his distinctive pink tone. His owner, Dr. Melissa Shapiro, is a veterinarian, animal advocate, and author of "Piglet Comes Home: How a Deaf Blind Pink Puppy Found His Family." 

Dr. Shapiro taught students about some of the ways that she’s helped Piglet overcome challenges related to his disabilities, like how she communicates with him through touch commands since he can’t respond to voice or visual cues. Piglet has also learned to use his highly sensitive sense of smell to navigate his environment – he’s one high-powered sniffing machine!

Dr. Shapiro also introduced students to some other canine members of Dr. Shapiro’s family, companions who accept and support Piglet’s special needs. Dr. Shapiro concluded her talk by asking whether students would pledge to join what she calls Piglet’s “inclusion pack,” which means committing to support him and other animals with disabilities to help them live their best lives. Students unanimously agreed!

Students thanked Dr. Shapiro with handmade drawings and other gifts for Piglet, including a Kingston sweatshirt!


Piglet Piglet