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JWB Summer Session 1 Culminates with Play!

Middle School students in the JWB Summer Program spent Session 1 putting their math skills to good use making miniature golf holes and board games!

To make their mini-golf holes, students had to use math skills including area, perimeter, volume, scaling, angles, proportion and more!  They were also tasked with coming up with a theme for their hole and at least one obstacle.  You can see from these photos that these groups of students had great imagination throughout their projects!

This was a great KCSD group effort between departments – Art, Technology, Math and Teaching & Learning Summer School.

Other classes created their own math games incorporating topics such as integers and equations. This interdisciplinary project integrated writing, math, and art.  These students wrote clear and concise directions for their games and designed and created their game pawns out of sculpted clay. 

Students really enjoyed being able to play each other’s games and trying to get a hole-in-one!