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A Retirement & Reunion at Robert Graves!

The last day of school brought not only a retirement party, but also a reunion at Robert Graves Elementary School!

After 32 years with KCSD, kindergarten teacher Jacqui Sheridan retired from Robert Graves Elementary School, also her alma mater!

With a little help from her friends, Jacqui was able to invite some people very special to her - her Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Wattles, 94 years young, and the Music teacher, Miss Altamari, 95 years young.

It was an amazing reunion as the two teachers were greeted by many former students for a photo session with Tamme Stitt Photography. Tamme was also a former student of Mrs Wattles.

Congratulations to Ms. Sheridan on your retirement and thank you to Mrs. Wattles and Miss Altamari for the visit!