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New Scholarship Awarded Honoring Beloved Teacher

Kingston High School hosts an annual awards night honoring scholarship winners from the Senior class with this year marking the first scholarship given in tribute to one of Kingston City School District’s finest, Mr. Vince Voerg.

Mr. Voerg served as an English Teacher for more than 36 years spread among Kingston High School, John A. Coleman High School, and Marist College. About thirty of those years were spent teaching at KHS where he influenced and inspired thousands of students in the area, including students attending night school and alternative programs, summer school, and programs at the Ulster County Jail. He left his mark with many, especially his nephew John Voerg, a KCSD Administrator and former English Teacher, and Lauri Naccarato, current English Teacher and President of the Kingston Teachers Federation. Both the Voerg family and the KTF created this scholarship which will continue each year.

One very excited recipient, Miss Rieley Fitzgerald, couldn’t be more fitting to receive this inaugural award. She not only excels academically, but she embodies the very spirit of Vince Voerg.

“He was kind, he was compassionate, he cared a lot about other people. We loved him. She shares a lot of qualities that he had. She’s so kind to everyone, she helps everyone, and takes on challenges,” Naccarato said.

Rieley will graduate with her 2020 classmates and go on to study Biology next year. She looks forward to being a Biology Teacher someday.

“Thank you for this great tribute to my Uncle. He was a mentor to me and inspired me so much and was certainly a contributing influence on why I became a teacher.  It’s just a wonderful honor to keep his memory alive and to have it go to someone like Rieley is even better,” said John Voerg.

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