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Storytellers at Robert Graves

Robert Graves fourth-graders completed the first “Stories of Three” Storytelling Residency in the Kingston City School District. Students learned from Storytelling Coach, Karen Pillsworth, for one hour a day, for one week. “They chose their stories, made props, practiced, and told their stories in front of their classmates. And just like that…they became storytellers! I’m so proud of all of them,” she said.

Storytelling is one way to be creative, enhance presentation skills, and build confidence in the classroom. Edson and Crosby Elementary will be the next schools to host the residency and produce our future storytellers. Mrs. Pillsworth looks forward to teaching more of our students in the district very soon!

Fourth-graders of Robert Graves Robert Graves fourth-grader telling his story Two students telling a story Student telling her story at Robert Graves Fourth-graders in Mr. K's class Storytelling Coach awards certificates to all fourth-grade students Fourth-grade students of Robert Graves