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KHS Assistant Principal Awaits Her Senior Class

Ms. Rachael Scorca will greet the Class of 2020 on September 4th when school doors open on the first day of classes. Although Ms. Scorca is not new to the Kingston City School District, being the Assistant Principal of a Senior Class is something she has yet to experience.

The AP officially joined the Class of 2020 in September 2018 when she was first hired into her current position, yet this was not the first time she met her students. Ms. Scorca has been working alongside the Senior Class since they first entered KHS as young Freshmen while she interned at the high school as part of her Administrative Leadership program.

Teaching was not originally in her plans, first pursuing and earning her Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism at American University. It was there that she realized her innate ability to teach as she found herself editing friends’ papers in school. She recognized a passion for literature and writing, as well as helping others find meaning in their work. She decided to continue her schooling by getting her Master’s in Education from Bard College where she was sent to student teach at Kingston High School while earning her degree. She then moved up and was hired at KHS as an English Teacher where she welcomed students for 10 years. During that time, Scorca simultaneously worked on her School Building Leadership Certification at SUNY New Paltz to advance her career as an administrator. (KCSD is very glad she did!)

Ms. Scorca is a firm believer in exploration and adventure to further life’s journey. She offers her future graduates a few words of wisdom as she approaches the new school year. “It’s really good to have a goal in mind, but it’s okay to wander, explore, go off course, and eventually make it there. You don’t know the people you will meet or the places you might go, but don’t be afraid to stray off course and see where your life brings you,” she said. “Explore your passions and that will help guide you if you use your intuition and your gut. It’s okay if you don’t have everything figured out, you will find your way.”

Ms. Scorca and the KCSD are very much looking forward to seeing what the Class of 2020 will show us this school year!