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KCSD Administrative Offices On the Move

Kingston City School District employees have started saying goodbye to their Cioni offices at 61 Crown Street as the move to the Meagher building, located at 21 Wynkoop Place, is underway. The move began in early July and will continue throughout August and September until all administrative departments have transitioned into the new space.

Construction at Meagher completed in July with a certificate of occupancy permitting the move-in. The KCSD Technology team, Transportation, Teaching and Learning, Communications, Registration, Tax and Business departments have moved into their new offices with others heading over on August 17.

Renovating the Meagher school building as the district’s administrative offices and expanding the location to serve the Pre-Kindergarten population has been in the plans since the close of Meagher in 2012 as a promise to repurpose the building. The KCSD voter proposition approval in May 2017 to expend district capital reserve funds and the sale of the Cioni building in 2018 gave the extra push needed for the required capital projects at Meagher to begin. Revenue from the Cioni building sale has been slated to circulate back into the KCSD annual budget, equally dispersed each year over ten years to keep the annual tax levy percentage at a steady rate, saving taxpayers from potential increases driven by the levy.

With this exciting move comes the opening of the Pre-Kindergarten Center that will welcome over 70 new students on September 4. Ms. Jana Conti, KCSD Assistant Director, is looking forward to the 2019-2020 school year at Meagher. “The preschool center has been in the making for a year and a half and is a dream come true,” she stated. “I am overwhelmed with excitement and know that we are going to have an amazing first year. We will be teaching a younger population and I have been incredibly inspired and touched by our community and district support. I can’t wait to see our students walk through the doors this September.”