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Class of 2019 Graduates

The Kingston High School Class of 2019 marched into Dietz Stadium on Friday, June 28, waving to their family and friends in the grandstands as they proudly approached their official last day as high school students. The sun was shining as the graduates processed on to the field with their heads held high in their caps and gowns.

KHS Principal, Kirk Reinhardt, opened the ceremony with a message about change. “You will change your direction and many pathways along the way, but most importantly, be true to yourself.” He encouraged each graduate to be kind and compassionate during their next chapter. “Please do something great for someone else. Listen without offering advice, give a gift when you know you cannot get one in return, and smile when it’s the last thing you want to do.”

Class President, Fritz Genther, and Student Government President, Jayna Cherny each addressed their classmates honoring Principal Reinhardt for his dedication to their class since they were Freshmen and bid him farewell as he goes on to pursue his future as the Superintendent of Saugerties next year. Jayna said goodbye to her peers and urged them to find their strengths, “When you are aware of what you’re good at, you will create your own definition of success.” She stressed that with strength there will be weakness. “Have the confidence to try again (and again) until you get it right.  There is no growth with success, we grow from failure.  The more we lose, the more we learn, the stronger we are.”

Salutatorian, Coleman Kane-Horrigan, spoke about life taking unexpected paths and looking forward to what is to come beyond graduation. “Going forward, the path branches out. There are millions of directions we can take our lives in. What’s come so far has seemed like a long time, but it’s just the beginning.” He concluded that “life is what you make it.”

In keeping with the notion of creating your own path, Kira Milgrim, Class of 2019 Valedictorian, performed a touching farewell on her saxophone rather than giving a speech, showing everyone it’s okay to go outside of the box.

Commencement speaker and KHS Class of 1994 Alumna, Lacey Schwartz Delgado, stood before the graduating seniors with a few words from the wise before diplomas were awarded. “As you go into the next phase of life and whatever that brings, just remember at one moment or another every one of us struggles to feel like we belong… Each and every one of you belongs in this graduating class, and you are ready to go forward and be you.”

Congratulations Class of 2019!

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