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Class of 2019 Baccalaureate Celebration

The Class of 2019 Baccalaureate was held at Congregation Emanuel of the Hudson Valley on June 25, 2019. Graduating seniors were celebrated by a group of community spiritual leaders who offered kind words of wisdom and well wishes for their future endeavors.

Reverend William Scafidi from St. Mary St. Peter Parish delivered a wishful invocation sharing a small blessing found in words from each letter of the alphabet. “R” is for your spiritual word, Revelation; we cannot get off this world without having a few, no matter how simple they are… “Z” is for Zero; might they never feel like one, but with your help, might the “Z” be within the Zen of their experience in life,” he prayed.

Reverend James Childs from Pointe of Praise Church and the Board of Education gave his hopeful words of prayer. “My prayer is for your success, that you will continue to do the wonderful things that you have already done and more, and that you will impact this world in such a way that it won’t look like it does now, but it will certainly be better.”

The evening continued with performances by seniors from the KHS Choir and Musical Theatrics giving their remarkable renditions of “Let It Be,” “My Prayer” and “Bennie and the Jets.” Cantor Bob Cohen from Congregation Emanuel also warmed the crowd with his fun-loving spirit as he sang, getting everyone to join him in his performance.

Coach Badalato shared a few personal experiences and memories of the “little things” that stand out and matter in life. He advised the soon-to-be graduates that it’s the smallest moments in time that can give others joy, encouraging them to spread joy to the people who may least expect it.

Sabrina Browning, Class of 2019 Chair, followed with her student address. “Guidance is key, and during my time in high school, I learned to have faith in those who guide me. As graduation day nears, I hope we can all remember to trust those who help us and keep looking for guidance, for no one should go through life alone.”

The blessings kept flowing with spiritual guidance from Laila Brady Waltzer and a prayer from Imam Syed Khalid Khan before the benediction given by Reverend Dr. G, Modele Clarke from the New Progressive Baptist Church. “We ask as they leave this fate of their life on Friday, that they take with them most of the instructions that they’ve received and that the purpose in their hearts, that they will leave this earth a much better place… Make them aware that they can make a difference in any pursuit that they choose. Lord, we ask that you make them mindful of those who helped them to come this far.”

Good luck and best wishes, Class of 2019!

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