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KHS Students Meet Holocaust Survivor Tibor Spitz

Tibor Spitz presents to Mrs. Forstbauer's classes Kingston High School Global Studies students and a few art classes were visited by Tibor Spitz, a local scientist, artist, and Holocaust survivor, after viewing his documentary, “Tibor Spitz - Portrety uspesnych Slovakov”. Mr. Spitz spent 5 years from age 10 to 15 hiding from the Nazi regime and communist Czechoslovakia, targeted to be killed or deported to a death camp. At that time he was denied access to schooling, books, newspapers, etc.; shunned from society. By age 15 he had survived the Holocaust with most of his family members missing, either sent to nearby camps or murdered.

Predetermined by communist ruling, Spitz would study to be a scientist. His profession in science and engineering led Tibor to Canada and the United States. He began painting as a way to express the suppressed emotions of his devastating past.

He is now a local artist to Kingston as well as a motivational speaker telling his life story overcoming tragedy and fear while keeping faith in the good. “I had a huge amount of faith that evil cannot succeed,” he answered during Q&A on June 7th at KHS. “Faith could overcome evil. I never ever lost faith that the regime would end.”

He will present to 21 classes at KHS before the end of the school year, leaving behind a trail of profound messages on a very relatable level for everyone. “My enemies wanted to destroy me,” said Spitz. “Turn your enemy into your friend. This is the highest achievement of humans. Be wrong, admit it, and change it.”

Students can reflect on Tibor’s words of wisdom for they are enlightening, inspiring, and witty. “You have to go through problems to have a good life. Don’t cry over spilled milk… bring a cat,” he advised.

Tibor Spitz' presentation  Tibor Spitz hugs students goodbye  Tibor Spitz with Mrs. Forstbauer