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Teen Dating Violence Video Contest Winners

The 5th Annual Teen Dating Violence Video Contest run by the Ulster County Department of Social Services selected three Kingston High School student winners in the Mixed Media division of the contest, taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. A clean sweep!

1st place - Muhammad Shabbir, Senior (Painting)

2nd place - Katherine Toolan, Freshman (Poster)

3rd place - Zoey Rowles, Sophmore (Essay with Photographs)

Each winner was honored with a certificate and gift presented by DSS Commissioner Michael Iapoce on Tuesday, June 4, at the Kingston High School. Students who assisted the winners with their work were also recognized by the Commissioner for their efforts in raising awareness about teen dating violence.

Principal Reinhardt and Class Principals Sellitti, Scorca, Armstrong, and Montano were all in attendance to celebrate their students. Chief Tinti from the Kingston Police Department and representatives from the Ulster County Executive Office and Teen Dating Violence Council were also in attendance offering their support and congratulatory words.

Congratulations to Muhammad, Katherine, and Zoey!

Click for Zoey's Essay

1st Place Painting by Muhammad Shabbir

 2nd Place Poster by Katherine Toolan  

Chief Tinti, KPD  Michael Iapoce, DSS Commissioner  Muhammad Shabbir, 1st Place  Zoey Rowles, 3rd Place  Cody Schwark  Emma Mead  Teen Violence Council Rep, Michael Iapoce, Deborah Zale