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M.C. Miller Middle School hosts "Out of this World" Science Night event!

M.C. Miller Middle School hosted Science Night Out on Tuesday, March 12, 2019.  Families went “Out of This World,” learning about our solar system and how things work in space. Participants were able to look at, touch and use robotics, virtual reality, circuitry and more!  There was something of interest for all ages!

The journey began through the solar system, created by the Miller Environmental Club, and ended with Star Lab, an experience for all! Inside Star Lab, participants could gaze at the stars, and learn the history behind our most famous constellations.  Student projects lined the walls, to show how much they have learned about what you can find on Earth and beyond.  Special thanks to BOCES, Bard College CCE, and the entire Miller School Community for making this a night to remember!


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