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KHS Scholar Dollar Holiday Store

Kingston High School students have been cashing in their “scholar-dollars” at the Scholar Dollar Holiday Store this week and have until December 21st to find gifts before Winter Recess begins. Their hard-earned “dollars” come from teachers and school staff who have rewarded them for things like attendance, good deeds, participation and volunteering.

This annual program is now on its fifth year in existence, all made possible by the overwhelming support and donations from the KHS faculty and staff, community members and local businesses. The entire store is stocked with new and gently used items such as jewelry, home décor, clothing, holiday decorations and toys. The gift-wrapping room next door is also stocked with gift wrap, tissue paper, holiday cards and gift bags collected from generous donations as well.  

Countless hours have been volunteered in preparation for the Holiday shop: weeks of donation collections and planning, store setup, cashier and gift-wrapping coverage (covering four periods a day for an entire week!) and stocking a vast array of gift items on the “shelves.”  

The spirit of giving hits you from the moment you step foot in the store. Thank you to everyone who has participated and donated to make this program possible.

A very special thank you to the lead volunteers and organizers of the Scholar Dollar Holiday Store: Bill Tubby, Yvonne Parker, Amy Kapes, Rachael Scorca and the PBIS Committee. Job WELL DONE!

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