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Reset Rally at JFK

John F. Kennedy Elementary School held a PBIS Reset Rally on Friday, November 30, to refresh the students’ knowledge of appropriate behavior practices in and around school, and they did it in a fun way! The student assembly met in the gymnasium with teachers, staff members and Principal Jamieson to watch a PBIS “Paws and Think” video, then discuss and answer questions about behavior expectations to win school-spirited prizes. To the students’ surprise, faculty and staff jumped onto the center of the gym floor to perform a flash mob dance with “Roar,” JFK’s new lion mascot, to kick off the assembly. This was their first time meeting Roar and most likely the first time seeing their teachers dance!

The PBIS effort at JFK and the rest of the school district began during the 2015-2016 school year and continues to be a districtwide focus as it has shown a positive impact on students' social, emotional and behavioral practices. The approach proactively encourages and recognizes positive behaviors like sharing, listening, walking quietly, and helping others. “One of our goals this school year is to work on social and emotional learning. I thought this would be a good way to refresh what we’ve already learned and put a spin on it. Having our new mascot is really going to help engage students with these practices and keep it exciting for them,” said Principal Jamieson. 

Roar has plans to make surprise visits around the school building during the year to check in on students and recognize their good behavior. Since the Reset Rally, students have started using the “Paws and Think” language and talking about the “reset.”

Way to keep it positive, JFK!

JFK faculty perform a flash mob dance  JFK faculty and mascot perform flash mob dance  JFK students at the PBIS Reset Rally  JFK student wins a prize  JFK student plays Plinko to win a prize  JFK student answers a question at the Reset Rally  Roar, JFK mascot, entertains the crowd  Roar gives high-fives to JFK students  Roar hugs a student  Roar entertaining the audience