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Deputy Principals for a Day at Chambers

What if you could be the Principal for a day? What would you do?

Four fourth grade students at Chambers Elementary School recently had the opportunity to be Deputy Principals for an entire school day on November 14. From giving morning announcements and checking in on classes throughout the day, to making a student quilt and a video about gratitude, Kylee, Gabby, John and Eli had a glimpse of what it’s like to be Principal Petrie.

Every student who was interested in the one-day position had to apply for the role. They were tasked with writing an essay about their interest and had to list five qualities a Principal needs in order to do their job. Some qualities pulled directly from these fourth graders include:

  • Smart
  • Strategic
  • Imaginative
  • Kind
  • Impartial
  • A leader
  • Be a teacher first

Principal Petrie found it difficult selecting one Deputy as the applications were all very compelling and deserving, so she narrowed it down to the top four. The four agreed she could really use about five Deputy Principals to run the school.

There is no doubt that one or all of these students could become Principals someday. For now, Kylee hopes to be a Teacher, Gabby wants to be a Fashion Designer, John wants to be a Professional Basketball Player, and Eli looks forward to being a Professional Tennis Player and/or Frog Scientist.

This is just one way Chambers has incorporated leadership opportunities for students and there will be plenty more! “It’s amazing, I want to do this every day,” Gabby exclaimed!

Job well done, Principals!

Deputy Principals giving morning announcements  Deputy Principals making a student video about gratitude  Deputy Principals next to the student quilt  Deputy Principals on November 14, 2018