• Frequently asked questions for KHS students and families:  


    Q. Can students opt out of in-person learning at any time? 

    A. Yes, families can opt OUT of in-person learning at any time, but they can only opt back in at the end of the second quarter. If there are questions, please call your child’s AP office.  

    12th Grade Ms. Armstrong 943-3707 

    11th Grade Ms. Bartley 943-3713 

    10th Grade Ms. Sellitti 943-3709 

    9th Grade Ms. Scorca 943-3711 


    Q. What are the BOCES students going to do during the periods they would usually be at BOCES? Will there be a mid-day bus run for them? 

    A. BOCES students will have mid-day bus runs so they will not be in the buildings when they do not have class.   


    Q. Will the library be open (and in what capacity) when school reopens? Many students like to go to the library during lunches and study halls. 

    A. The Library is only open for classes, NOT for students to go to during study halls or lunch time. Books are not being signed out at this time across the district.


    Q. Are students allowed to bring in their own technology?  

    A. Students are not able to access the school's wifi from a personal device while in our buildings.    


    Q. What is the mask policy for students?  

    A. Students must wear masks at all times except when eating in the cafeteria, or during scheduled mask breaks.   The mask policy for students is the same as for faculty and staff.


    Q. What will school lunch look like, more specifically will there still be stations like there werebefore?  

    A. As of now, the information we have says there will be grab-and-go lunches for students and 1 choice of hot lunch for the cafeteria (in addition to a grab-and-go option for the cafeteria).  There is no eating allowed in classrooms. For students with medical issues who need modfied eating times plans will be made specifically for their needs and communicated to those who need to know.    


    Q. Are students allowed to bring hand sanitizer?  

    A. Yes, students may bring their own hand sanitizer to school. Any other cleaning supplies should not be brought in with students.   


    Q. Will hand sanitizer be provided?   

    A. Yes, hand sanitizer will be available at every building entrance, in every classroom, and in every administrative suite.   


    Q. When in the cafeteria or classroom, are students allowed to turn around to see or talk to their peers?  

    A. Students should all be facing the same direction when they are eating per the NYS Health Department.  The cafeteria is set up with desks all 6 feet apart, facing in the same direction. 


    Q. Some students have expressed anxiety about traveling in the hallways, what are the protocols there?  

    A. Hallways will be, to the greatest extent possible, uni-directional. Arrows have been placed on the walls to indicate which direction that side of the hallway should be traveled. In those spaces where hallways are bi-directional, students will still be masked and moving and shouldn’t pose a risk to one another.  Tape strips are also six feet apart on both sides of the walls in-between the directional arrows in order to assist in keeping social distancing when traveling.  There are also tape lines down the middle of bi-directional hallways.


    Q. Where will the students eat who do not have a lunch period in their schedules?  

    A. Students can get a pass from their teachers to eat in the cafeteria or auditorium. They MUST have a pass, and they will eat quickly in the cafeteria or auditorium, and then return to class.    


    Q. Will students get sent home a schedule? Or is there a way they can get one? Many have lost the original and need to know room numbers. 

    A. Students will not have another schedule mailed home, therefore it is imperative that    students and parents access the Parent Portal so they know which rooms their classes are in, or to message their Guidance Counselor for a copy of their schedule. Teachers can also let students know the location of their classroom during remote instruction.    

    There will also be hall monitors and other folks in the hallways to help students find their way (specifically thinking of Freshmen who may not know the lay of the buildings), but we ask that students are at least aware of the room number they are looking for.     


    Q. Can students choose their seat in the cafeteria for lunch?  

    A. Yes – BUT, they will need to fill in seats from the end of the cafeteria away from the kitchen for safety’s sake. Once they are in a seat they cannot move from that seat. Monitors and administration will be i the cafeteria to assist students with the general areas they will be sitting in. Again, this is for safety.   


    Q. How will going to the bathroom work? Will there be a limit to how many students can be in there at once? 

    A. Students MUST have a pass to go to the bathroom. Students will need to bring a pen to sign into and out of the bathroomOnly 2 students will be allowed in the bathrooms at a time.  Students must sign out of the bathroom when they exit the bathroom.  This is important in the event that contact tracing is needed. Teachers should only send 1 student from their room at a time. Bathrooms cannot be used during passing time (between classes).