Important Update

  • Dear KCSD Middle School Families,

    Beginning on Monday, October 26, 2020, all middle school students in Grades 5-8 will begin the school day at 7:55am Monday-Thursday whether they are in school or at home.

    ALL Miller and Bailey instruction will begin at 7:55am and end at 2:24pm. The hybrid daily period schedule is attached to this email.

    Students in Grades 7 & 8 will not begin in-person learning until November 9th, but for scheduling purposes they must start using the new hybrid schedule starting on October 26th.

    On Fridays, all middle school students will use the current Remote Learning schedule that begins at 9:00am.


    Monday: 7:55-2:24

    Tuesday: 7:55-2:24

    Wednesday: 7:55-2:24

    Thursday: 7:55-2:24

    Friday: 9:00-2:39

  • MCM Reentry Information

    · Starting October 26, Instruction will start at 7:55 am for all MCM students, whether in-person or virtual, regardless of grade and program.

    · October 26 will mark the return of students in grades 5 and 6, as well as those in certain Special education classes.

    · Letters are going out Friday, October 15 with specific information about the cohort split for all families and children.

    MCM Cohort Splits

    As you know we’ve been working to split our school as evenly as possible according to alphabet and then collaborating with our feeder elementary schools to address siblings in multiple buildings. This has resulted in 3 groups that will be rotating between in -person and virtual learning. Students that have opted out of in -person learning make up a 4th group.

    · Maroon Group- (Primarily A-K all grades, some exceptions for siblings and household situations between buildings) M, Tues in person, W- F Virtual

    · Gold Group- (Primarily L-Z all grades, some exceptions) Wed, Thurs in person, M, T, F virtual

    · Green Group-Special Education Self-contained students – Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs in person, Friday virtual

    · Blue Group- Full Virtual students – Mon-Fri virtual


    Academic Period Schedule-






    Student Entry


    7:30 AM


    7:50 AM



     7:50 AM


    7:55 AM



    7:55 AM


    8:33 AM



    8:39 AM


    9:17 AM



    9:23 AM


    10:01 AM



    10:07 AM


    10:45 AM



    10:51 AM


    11:29 AM



    11:35 AM


    12:13 PM



    12:19 PM


    12:57 PM



    1:03 PM


    1:41 PM



    1:47 PM


    2:24 PM



    2:24 PM




    Student Entry

    Health Screening

    o KCSD will be introducing a questionnaire to be used for health screenings that parents/students will need to fill out weekly with questions related to COVID-19 and students’ health. A link to this personalized form will be sent to each student’s email and will need to be filled out on Monday and Wednesday mornings prior to arrival at school. Please note that a separate form will need to be submitted for each student in the district on their in-person school days.

    o Temperatures will be checked upon entry using no-touch infrared forehead thermometers


    2 Doors for Entry

    o “B” Doors= Bus entry2 screeners inside building

    * 2 buses at a time= 2 lines

    * Once processed, Students will be assigned to intervals along the 8th grade hallway, then the Math/Science hallway and glass hallways as needed- by bus load.

    * Overflow= main hallway

    * 5th grade teachers will circulate and gather their students

    * Grades 6, 7, 8 will leave their bus arrival stations by grade.

    o “G” Doors= Car drop off/walkers

    * Drop at 1st crosswalk, pull forward to next crosswalk and wait to ensure student is admitted into building

    * 2 screeners inside building= 2 lines

    * Once screened, students will be assigned a socially distanced spot in the gym

    * 5th grade teachers will circulate and gather their students

    * Grades 6, 7, 8 will leave their arrival stations by grade.


    o Grab & go breakfast to be obtained at entry points

    o Eaten in classrooms

    Student Dismissal

    · Buses arrive before bell rings

    · PA announcement of 2 buses at a time (lower end of route numbers through “C” doors, higher end of route numbers exit through “B” doors)

    · Students leave classrooms, exit through appropriate door and board buses

    · Pickup and walker students will be released by grade, starting with 5th then progressing in age. Students must wait outside in courtyard observing 6 ft distancing

    · Bus and pickup monitor stations for supervision and maintenance of protocols

    · Bus and Grade level pickup announcements will be alternated at safe intervals

    Hallway Passing

    · Preliminary setup

    · Lines down middle of hallways indicating left and right side

    · Tape indicators on floor of 6-foot social distancing locations (bus and drop off stations)

    · No locker usage

    · Masks must stay on

    · Procedures

    · 5th and 6th grade Teamed classes- students stay in same base room for core instruction, core teachers move to cut down on possible transmission.

    · Where possible, Teachers pick up 5th grade students from recess in glass hallway, take to class

    · Movement will occur as follows:

    * Grades 5, 7 move in 1st 3 minutes of passing

    * Grades 6, 8 move in last 3 minutes of passing time

    * Periods 1-2, 8-9 will not need 5th and 6th grade movement in halls 

    ·Student movement in halls

    * Must maintain 6 ft distancing, masks on

    * Must go directly to next destination

    * No congregating in groups

    * Students must walk on right side of the hallway

    * Teachers and other staff will be assigned to hallway duty locations to manage flow and procedures

    * Stations will include outside bathroom doors to ensure no more than 2 at a time inside

    Lunch Procedures

    · +/- 31/ cafeteria x 2 cafeterias = 62 eating at once

    · ½ grade recess 1st while others eat, invert

         o Recess/Lunch alternating schedule determined by teacher groupings/teams

    · Inclement weather plan if recess can’t be outside

         o Use classrooms for alternate group and lunches delivered to classrooms- no recess

    Bathroom usage

    · During instructional periods, bathroom doors will be monitored as part of hallway duty schedule

         o Hourly inspection/cleaning by custodial staff

         o Students to sanitize upon reentry to classroom

    · Bathroom monitors to manage time spent and to limit to max of 2 at a time, from the hallway