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    STAR Assessments – KCSD Virtual Plan for Parents/Families – FALL 2020

    FALL STAR MATH WINDOW: 9/21/20 – 10/1/20


    STAR is an assessment that the school district uses from Renaissance Learning.  This assessment is given three times during the school year (Fall, Winter and Spring).  STAR has been utilized to assist with informing our teachers on skill development for many years. 

    STAR assessments are short tests (about 30-40 minutes), and are adaptive, adjusting to each answer the student provides. Kindergarten students and some primary grade students take the STAR Early Literacy Assessment, while students in Grades 2-8 typically take two assessments, STAR Reading and STAR Math. Teachers and specialists use the assessment as one data point (in addition to other district assessments) to determine the needs and or strengths of the students. Along with the test data, the STAR program provides the teachers with important recommendations for each child, including targeted skills and ways to challenge higher-order thinking skills.

    See the link below to visit Renaissance’s website for further information:


    Question and Answer:

    Q: What are STAR Assessments?

    A: STAR Assessments are short tests that provide teachers with learning data. Star tests are computer adaptive, which means they adjust to each answer your child provides. This helps teachers get the best data to help your child in the shortest amount of testing time (about one-third of the time other tests take).

    Your child may take a STAR assessment for Early Literacy or Math and Reading.

    Q: What do teachers do with STAR Assessments?

    A: Teachers analyze the data they get from STAR Assessments to learn what students already know and what they are ready to learn next, to monitor student growth, and to determine which students may need additional help. STAR Assessments are heavily researched and scientifically proven to help teachers guide each student on his or her unique path to mastery.

    Q: What do STAR Assessments do for my child?

    A: By pinpointing exactly what your child knows, teachers can personalize your child’s practice to keep them growing. Plus, short test times ensure your child spends more time learning and less time testing.

    Q: Can we use STAR Assessments at home?

    A: This Fall, due to the virtual start for students, teachers will be administering the assessment virtually to students and will share/send reports of your child’s STAR results and growth.

    Q: How can I help my child with their STAR Assessments?

    A: The best way to help your child with STAR Assessments is to help them understand why they are taking them: So their teacher knows exactly how to help them learn! For anxious children, it may be important to tell them that they cannot fail a STAR test—as long as they do their best, the data generated from the test will help their teacher teach them more great things!

    Q: Where do I go if I have questions?

    A: Your child’s teacher is the best source of additional information about your child’s progress with STAR Assessments. Renaissance is committed to protecting student privacy and will not share data with anyone outside your child’s authorized school staff.

    This Fall, since the students are beginning the school year virtually, teachers will be administering the assessment virtually (utilizing a computer or chrome book). 

    Please click on the link below to watch this short video on the STAR Assessments and what you can do at home to assist your child and teacher:

    PLEASE NOTE: KCSD is a single sign-in district through Clever as indicated in the following video:


    Prior to testing:

    • Ensure a quiet testing area that is free from distractions.
    • Remove or cover any materials around the testing area that might help answer test items.
    • Provide scrap paper and pencil for your child to use during the STAR Math Assessment.
    • Check that your computer audio is set appropriately and that you have working headphones available if needed. (STAR Early Literacy is an audio-based test. Audio for STAR Math can be turned on by the teacher if accommodations are needed.)
    • Discuss with your child the importance of doing their best in order for their teachers to know how to best help them in class.

    Start of Assessment:

    Teachers will begin by discussing the STAR Assessment with the students.

    Once this is completed, Teachers will ask students to do the following (see visuals below - Family members/caregivers may help students get online and log in):

    Once the test begins, students are NOT PERMITTED to use other people, devices, or any other resources to help them answer test questions.

    Login through Clever: (see link below to assist your child with login):


    Login to Renaissance

    Select tile for the test

    Password will be given to your child by his/her teacher after directions are read.

    More login details

    Thank you so much for your continued support of our students and the Kingston City School District!