• Spring Sports 22-23
    Varsity/JV – March 13th  
    Modified – March 20th


    Baseball - Varsity, Junior Varsity, Modified

    Crew - Varsity 

    Girls Flag Football - Varsity 

    Golf (Boys) - Varsity

    Golf (Girls) - Varsity 

    Boys Lacrosse - Varsity, Junior Varsity, Modified

    Girls Lacrosse - Varsity, Junior Varsity, Modified 

    Softball - Varsity, Junior Varsity, Modified 

    Boys Tennis - Varsity

    Track and Field (Boys & Girls) - Varsity, Modified 

    Unified Basketball 



    *More information about tryout times and locations will be posted soon.*
    Physical information  
    All athletes that carry medications, such as inhalers, epi-pens, etc., those that need required immunizations, and those that need COVID-19 clearance, are required to see their own physician.  The school physician is not permitted to clear athletes after a  COVID-19 infection without written documentation from their primary doctor, nor are they able to write medication prescriptions for them.