Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does my child log into Teams?

    Microsoft Teams can be found in the Microsoft Office Tab on the “Students” tab on the KCSD Website.  Log in: 

    Password: Same 6 digits of their school ID

    How does my child log into Clever?

    Clever can be found in the Microsoft Office Tab on the “Students” tab on the KCSD Website.  Log in: 

    Password: Same 6 digits of their school ID

    What is the best way to communicate with my child’s teacher?

    Your best option to reach a teacher or staff member is through email.  Students can communicate with teachers through email or Teams chat.

    Is “attendance” required?

    Students are expected to participate in their education.  Assignments are sent through Microsoft Teams and Clever.

    What if my child can’t attend a live class?

    If a “live” class is scheduled at a time when your student cannot attend, notify the teacher for that class through email or Teams chat.  They are aware of timing struggles and will be accommodating if notified in advance.

    What is the best way to receive information from my child’s school/principal?

    Information and communication from the district, school, and principal will be sent out through email and text blasts.  Important information will also be posted to the schools’ websites.  If you feel there is something you need more information on, please feel free to contact your child’s principal via email.

    Will my child have schoolwork every day?

    Most classes will have assignments daily.  If your child has more than one class and feels like they are overwhelmed with work, notify their teachers so that adjustments can be made.

    What if I have more than one child sharing the same computer?

    Teachers have been encouraged to be flexible with deadline expectations, especially with students who are sharing a computer.  Communication with your teachers will be helpful for understanding.

    What are the expectations of my child?

    Students are expected to log in to Microsoft 365 (Teams, Email, etc) daily.  They should check in with their teachers, ask questions and share their concerns. 

    Who do I contact if my child is having technology issues?

    Please call 943-3020 for your tech questions.  Use Option #1 from the menu.  Our IT Team is ready to assist!

    What if I’m not receiving general or district texts or emails that others are getting?

    Email or call the school to make sure they have your most updated phone number and email address in the system.

    What if I only have a cell phone to do school work from?

    You can still do assigned work, but may have to save it first before submitting. If all else fails, take a picture of the work and send it to the teacher through email.  


    Some Best Practices:

    Establish a routine.  Create a school day schedule that works for you and your family.  Make sure you note deadlines and due dates so that you don’t become overwhelmed.  Stay in touch and communicate with teachers and staff.  Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask for help!  There are many people who are ready and willing to offer support.

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