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    • Option 1 - Student/Family IT Support


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Grade 5 Recommendations

  • If you cannot fill-in or print any of these forms, do all work on lined paper to be turned in when we return to school.


    Programs through Clever: IXL ELA 


                                                   Accelerated Reader 

    Time per day: 

    1. Independent Reading – 30 minutes per day (Take book quiz on Accelerated Reader each time student finishes a book.)
    2. Skills – IXL ELA 20 minutes per day 
    3. Writing – Newsela: read 1 article of choice per day and answer the quiz: (4 multiple-choice questions) and write prompt. 

    Monday – Art and Culture 

    Tuesday - Geography 

    Wednesday - Government 

    Thursday – World History/American History 

    Friday – article of Choice 



    Skills – IXL Math 10 – 15 minutes per day  

    Freckle – 10 – 20 minutes per day on Fact Practice and Adaptive Math  

English Language Arts