• Yearbook

  • Tiger paw KHS Undergraduate Virtual Photo DayPawprint 2


    This year's photo day will be held virtually!

    We are asking students to submit their own photograph to a photocloud service for our yearbook. You must follow the school dress code in your portrait.

    For instructions on using photocloud Photocloud Instructions

    When you are ready to submit your photograph Photocloud KHS 2021

  • Tiger paw KHS needs your help creating the 100th yearbook!  Tiger paw 2


    We are looking for your feedback and your help creating a yearbook that reflects this unusual school year! Give us feedback by completing a survey KHS Yearbook Survey.

    Submit photos of your year and how you have handled it directly to out publisher at Entourage yearbooks. While you are there purchase a yearbook too!! Entourage Yearbook Yearbooks are $45.00 and must be purchased on this site.