• Welcome to Ms. Ponder's 7th Grade ELA website!

    "A book is a dream you hold in your hands. " —Neil Gaiman

    Welcome to seventh grade! My name is Ms. Ponder, and I will be your seventh-grade English Language Arts teacher. This is an exciting year for students and families. It is a time of transition and growth for students as they begin to enter the higher grades. We have a lot to accomplish, but I am confident that we will exceed our expectations.

                                      A bit about me

    I am a teacher, poet, friend, sister, daughter, and doggy mom to two border collies. I have and continue to publish poetry in literary journals and magazines, such as the Chronogram and Susquehanna Review. When I’m not teaching or doing other nerdy things, I am usually being dragged up a mountain by my dogs. I can’t get enough of hiking and the outdoors. 

                                        Why I teach

    While I love reading, writing, and talking about books all day, I became a teacher because I want to help people. It is important to me that my students feel like they are part of a community of learners. As their teacher, I will be their guide in obtaining knowledge, not an absolute authority.

    In this classroom, we will not only be learning how to become better readers, writers, and thinkers but also learning how to navigate the world and interact with others. Writing is much more than a product. It is a process, a way we can express ourselves, and a way to engage in conversation with each other. To be successful in our society, we must be able to read and write well. Success is an ongoing process and it does not happen overnight. It is okay to make mistakes because that is how we grow and learn. By the end of the year, each of us will have grown a tremendous amount.

                                       This Webpage

    This site will be a place to post important documents, homework updates, course overviews, resources, and other helpful links. I appreciate in advance your patience concerning this website because I am used to using other formats. 

    I look forward to a wonderful year together!

    Please contact me at jponder@kingstoncityschools.org whenever you need anything.