• M. Clifford Miller Middle School

    Principal: Mr. Andrew Sheber

    Assistant Principal: Mr. Salvatore Rosa




    MISSION - Making a difference in students’ lives through learning and expectations of Respect, Responsibility and Readiness to Learn.

    VISION – Excellence in Everything

    BELIEFS We Believe

    all students will be successful when there is a positive school culture promoting respect, responsibility and academic growth. 

    students should be active participants in their own learning.

    learning occurs in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

    ...a school-home partnership is essential to the growth and success of our students.

    …teaching the value of hard work to inspire students for a successful future.


    Office Hours:        

    Main Office: 7:30 am – 5:30 pm Monday through Thursday; Friday 7:30 am – 3:30 pm
    Attendance and Guidance Office: 7:45 am – 3:30 pm Monday through Friday
    Medical Office: 7:30 am – 3:00 pm

    Offices are closed on all school holidays and snow days.  



    Below is some additional information that may be helpful to parents/guardians regarding students being picked up:

    1. Students are only allowed to be picked up by a parent/guardian.
    2. To avoid confusion, if someone from the emergency list shows up to pick up a student and we have not received a note or phone call from the student's parent/guardian, we will contact the parent/guardian to verify.
    3. If the parent/guardian cannot be reached immediately, the student is not released until verification is made with the parent/guardian.
    4. In the event that a student is sick, has a discipline issue, emergency or other matter (missing the bus) and parents/guardians cannot be reached, then someone from the emergency list will be contacted by the school to pick up the student.

    Everyone MUST have ID to verify their identity when picking up a student. For the safety of students, there are no exceptions.

    Unfortunately, it’s not a perfect world and there will be circumstances that don’t necessarily fit these dynamics. We assess each situation and address each one and act accordingly.

    Our students' safety is our first priority.