Kingston High School Capital Project

  • Introduction
    The Kingston High School Second Century Capital Plan is designed as a comprehensive and historic re-imagining of the Kingston High School (KHS) campus. The project is intended to create a healthy and safe 21st century learning environment for students and to revitalize Midtown Kingston by creating an educational corridor, flanked by the Carnegie Learning Center to the left and SUNY Ulster to the right, in the heart of the city. 
    Plan Overview
    The plan involves building renovations, new building construction and selective building demolition on the 27-acre campus. The school campus includes the Main Building (1915), the Myron J. Michael Building (1938), the Whiston-Tobin Building (1929, 1967), the Salzmann Building (1980), the Kate Walton Field House (1951, 1980 pool addition), and the Carnegie (Library) Learning Center (1904).
    Individual Building Projects
    The KHS Main Building will be preserved and the historical façade at 403 Broadway will remain intact–and the interior will be renovated and modernized. This Main Building will provide for student support services, the District Special Education unit, fine arts, faculty departmental workspace, and school administration, among other program needs. 
    The Kate Walton Field House will remain in its current location and will be strengthened and repaired both through reconstruction and with the addition of a new fitness center that will be open to community members. The Myron J. Michael and Whiston-Tobin buildings will undergo planned demolitions (during the summer months) as part of the project. 
  • Salzmann Entrance

    Salzmann Entrance Ribbon Cutting Celebration, August 2018

    The new KHS campus entrance

    Overview of the new KHS campus

    The KHS campus view from Broadway.