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  • Welcome to my classroom website!

    Office 365 is the best resource you currently have on the districts website! USE IT!  I would have killed to have Microsoft Office for free when I was younger! I am going to be setting up a way for students to hand in work, digitally, using Office 365. The more you use it, the easier it will be! Remember, your user name and password is what you use to log into the computers at school! 


    Have a look at my calendar. It outlines the days I am available for activity period and when my extended activity period class takes place. 

    Battle of the Books is coming! I am one of the 7th grade Battle Coaches! I hope to see you on our team this year! The list of battle books is currently in my book list.  Most of them have AR quizzes that go with them if you want credit with AR as well! 

    Finally, for parents. I really haven't given any homework this year, so your child isn't lying to you if they say they don't have homework in science. I prefer to do everything in class.

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