New Student Registration/Special Permission


    We look forward to meeting you!


    For registration of students in Grades K-12, please call any school secretary for a registration packet (or click on the files linked below) and/or call 943-3011 if you have any questions.


    Please note the following documents are required for registration:

    Birth Certificate, Passport, or Baptismal Certificate
    Immunization Record
    Prepared by a physician or authorized person who administers the immunizing agent and shall specify the vaccines given and the dates of administration, proof of past immunizations or proof of pending appointment with a physician/medical practice.
    Custody/Guardian Papers: Necessary in the case of divorce, re-marriage or transfer of guardianship between family members.
    Parent or Guardian photo identification: Driver’s License, passport, state id.
    School Records
    For Students who already have attended another school:
    1. Copy of most recent report card
    2. Transcript if available (Does not apply to kindergarten registration)
    For Special Ed. Students: Most recent copy of IEP (Individualized Education Plan)
    District Residency
    One of the following residency proofs must be provided:
    A. Owns home
    1. Most recent utility bill/ tax or mortgage statement – must have name and property/residence address
    B. Rents home
    1. Lease agreement, must have name property/residence address
    2. Parent’s name must appear on lease
    3. Most recent utility bill – one only (electric, phone, water bill, oil) must have
    name and property/residence address
    C. Affidavit of Property Owner/Landlord Form – Must be Notarized
    1. To be completed by the landlord/property owner, in instances where there is no lease. If you are living with a relative, that person must complete the form and also provide a bill
    (electric, phone, water) showing their name and property/residence address 
    Please note: the following will not be accepted as proof of residency: Driver’s License,Checkbook, Rent Receipt, Car Insurance Cards, and Bank Statements.

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