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  • Attention all students!

    We have 3 school counseling interns from SUNY New Paltz that are here to help you explore Naviance, college and career opportunities, and work on helping with the college application process if you are a senior.

    On Wednesdays, they will be in E215A from 11:00-2:55 with a Chromebook cart to help you! Please feel free to stop in and see them during an open period or reach out to your counselor to help make an appointment.

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  • College and Career Planning Guide

    Please see below for an important document from the KHS Guidance Teams!

    College & Career Planning Guide

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Guidance Teams

  • College Planning Information

    Most 4-year colleges require a standardized test such as the SAT or ACT as part of the college admissions process. Our recommendations are as follows:

     9th Grade

    Take the PSAT (practice SAT) in October. It is only given once a year. It provides feedback to students regarding strengths and weaknesses in both Language Arts and Math. It also provides students with free services that they can use on the College Board website. Some 9th graders who are accelerated in Science might consider taking the SAT II Subject Test in June. Consult with your high school counselor regarding this decision.

     10th Grade

    Again, the PSAT in October is a great practice and preparatory test. Now students are compared to other 10th Graders across the country. The College Board website has many tools to interpret results and feedback regarding strengths and weaknesses. Some 10th graders might consider taking the SAT II Subject test in Science…again; consult with your high school counselor.

     11th Grade

    It is highly recommended that juniors take the PSAT in the fall of their 11th grade year…the test will now compare you to 11th Graders across the country…the students whom you will be compared in the college application process. Also, 11th graders are automatically put in the running for some national scholarship programs which include the National Merit Scholarship competition. In the spring of 11th grade, we recommend that students first try the actual SAT I Reasoning test. Based on the results, you can decide to take it again in the fall of your senior year.

     12th Grade

    Students have the opportunity to take the SAT in October, November, May and June if there is a need to improve scores. Scores will be reported to colleges on their transcripts as long as the Guidance Office gets a copy of their scores by coding in KHS when registering for the test.

  • KHS CEEB Code: 332705


    Exam Fee Waiver

    Any student eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch will be eligible to take the SAT/ACT for free (there are restrictions regarding the number of times they are allowed to take it for free).

    See your counselor for a fee waiver. Students should make every effort to apply by the first deadline…late fees will be charged after this date.


    Practice materials are available in the Guidance Office and collegeboard.org and act.org.

    Test Dates

    SAT Exams offered at KHS:    Saturday October 2nd and Saturday November 6th. Students need to register at collegeboard.org.

    PSAT Exam offered at KHS:  Saturday October 16th. The cost of the exam is $20. Registration is open beginning Friday October 8th for Freshman! An announcement on KHS TV will be made if/when the exam will be open to sophomores to register.

    Please register in your guidance office. If you have any questions, please see your counselor.

    ACT Exam offered at KHS:   Students must register at act.org.      

    *There are other dates and locations available for these tests. Please visit the collegeboard link above*





    • Students will not be admitted to the test unless they have BOTH their registration ticket and picture ID.
    • Students will be required to download a picture of themselves when registering for the test.


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