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    Today is Wednesday, November  30th  and it is an E  day.

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    Wake up KHS!!

    Attention Juniors and seniors! 2nd quarter privilege card applications are now available in your AP Office! Come by and grab an application. You will have to complete and return to your AP secretary. Juniors go to West 302 and see Ms. Grimsland. Seniors go to West 102 and see Mrs Parker.

    The Climate Club will be meeting today during 9th period in E111. We will be hosting guests from New Yorkers for Clean Power to learn about what type of jobs are available in renewable energy and how to get them. Hope to see you today, 9th period in E111!

    Have a passion for cooking, or maybe you have a desire to learn how to cook. Join us on December 5th and 12th in M011-1 during 9th period for our first ever cooking workshop!

    Important information for all 11th grade students wanting a privilege card.   The first marking period is over. New applications are available now. You must apply each quarter yo have a privilege card. Come to West 302 to get a new application. If you currently have a privilege card for the first quarter, you may use that 1st quarter privilege card until Monday, December 5th.   You will turn in your old privilege card in place of your new, quarter 2 privilege card. You may not use your old privilege card once quarter 2 cards are out and in use. As a reminder, no off-campus food can be eaten in the KHS building.

    Have a World Cup Wednesday