Budget Forum March 13, 2012

  • Click on the file linked below to view a video of the Budget Forum. A pdf file of the PowerPoint presentation by Superintendent Padalino is also linked below.

    Participant Questions from the March 13, 2012 Budget Forum

    What is Kingston’s Cost Per Pupil? The administration and staff in the Kingston City School District continuously look for the most effective methods to deliver quality educational programs to students. As a result, Kingston has a lower per-pupil cost than the average of all Ulster County schools. According to the Mid-Hudson School Study Council 2010-2011 cost-per-pupil report, Kingston spent $19,164 per student. This is BELOW the Ulster County average of $21,833. 

    How do Kingston City School District taxes compare to taxes in other area school districts?  To view how other taxes compare to surrounding districts and municipalities, visit the SeeThroughNY website. A benchmarking feature on the site enables visitors to calculate and compare property taxes by location.

    What is the average class size in Elementary School? The average class size is 20 students. 

    If class sizes are raised, what supports will be put in place for teachers? We will continue to support our talented teaching staff through professional development, mentoring programs, superintendent conference day trainings, and other avenues. 

    How can community members use our voice to make changes?Advocate for Mandate Relief! Visit my blog here for further details. 

    Have you considered opening a bilingual school?
    No, the District has not considered opening a bilingual school. Students classified as “English Language Learners” are served with differentiated instruction at our three magnet schools, including Edson (70 students), George Washington (60 students), Chambers (18 students), as well as four students located in our other Elementary School buildings. Our goal is to wisely manage our financial resources to provide the best education possible to the largest number of students. As the total population of English Language Learners in our Elementary Schools is 154 students, opening a bilingual school would not be a cost-effective or educationally sound option for the District at this time. 

    How will the estimated 3.35% increase affect my tax bill? While individual tax bills will vary depending on property values, a homeowner with an average assessed value of $177,000 can expect to pay $95.57 more than the 2011-2012 school year. This amounts to $7.96 more per month than last year’s tax bill. 

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