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Sophie Finn to Edson Transition

  • 1/24/13 Update

    Edson Elementary School Open House

    A traditional passport can transport you across the globe, but for parents and students attending the Harry L. Edson Elementary School Open House on Saturday, February 23rd from 10 AM – 12 PM, (snow date Saturday, March 2) a “passport” will guide them through their future school.

    “Change can be a challenge, but it can also be very exciting,” comments Harry L. Edson Elementary School principal William Krupp. “Here at Edson Elementary School, we are keeping a positive focus on the new adventures that await students. In a sense, this school will become their new home. We plan to preserve the culture and traditions that they carry with them from Sophie Finn, as we welcome them to Edson and also share what makes our school special.” 

    Sophie Finn parents and students will be welcomed by current Edson parents and students during the Saturday Open House. Kingston High School students will also be on hand to serve as tour guides, assisting visitors as they explore the building. Students will have the opportunity to to see their future classrooms and meet their future classmates. 

    The District is providing free bussing for parents and students interested in attending this event. To RSVP and reserve your seats on the bus, please email Dr. Paula Perez, principal of Sophie Finn Elementary School at pperez@kingstoncityschools.org or call the Sophie Finn Main Office at 845-338-6370. 

    12/6/12 Update
    On Friday, December 14, Sophie Finn second grade students will visit Edson Elementary School and create friendship bracelets with their future classmates.  On Monday, December 17th, Kindergarten students from Sophie Finn will visit Edson Elementary School and participate in a scavenger hunt with their future classmates. 

    11/18/12 Update 

    Sophie Finn Third Grade Visits Edson Elementary School 

    Third grade students at Sophie Finn Elementary School will be practicing their writing and communications skills, engaging in a multi-media learning experience, and singing with their classmates on Tuesday. 

    While this may sound like a typical day at school, what’s different is the location. As part of the first in a series of school-wide field trips, Sophie Finn third grade students will visit Edson Elementary School for a day of fun and learning. 

    In addition to meeting their future classmates and getting acquainted with the school building, students will also share learning experiences and even have snacks in their future cafeteria. 

    11/21/12 Update

    Click here to view a slideshow of photos from Sophie Finn's visit to Edson. 
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