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Zena to Crosby Transition

  • 12/14/12 Update
    Summary of Q & A from 12.11.12 PTA Meeting at 
    Zena Elementary School

    On Dec. 11, 2012, the Zena Elementary School PTA hosted a joint meeting with the Crosby PTO. The two groups worked together to plan for the details of a joint Winter Carnival, to be held on Jan. 26 at Zena Elementary School. Prior to the group brainstorming session, parents had an informal Q & A session with Superintendent Paul Padalino about the redistricting process. The following informational summary is provided for parents who were unable to attend the meeting. 

    One of the most popular questions related to when teachers will know the school they will be assigned to teach at during the 2013-2014 school year. 

    “Our goal is to have teachers’ assignments by February 1 2012,” Dr. Padalino told the group. “This way, we will have February – June to work out the rest of the details for the transition plan.” 

    Class sizes were another topic of conversation. “Things have changed since July. We are working with new numbers – and there are fewer sections in some buildings and more in others.” These changes are due to unexpected fluctuations in enrollment, Padalino said. However, parents with students in Grades K-2 can still expect to have a classroom with an average of 20 students.

    Bus routes were another area that parents requested more information about. Dr. Padalino told the group that bus route information should be completed between January and February 2013. 

    Class schedules at the Middle Level were another topic of discussion.  ‘We are looking at flexible block scheduling,” said Dr. Padalino. “We are also looking at the possibility of making 10th period mandatory.” (Currently 10th period is optional for Middle School students – they can choose to stay for extra help or extracurricular/enrichment activities, or they may take an “early” bus home.) 

    Other Questions Answered:

    -The possibility of a Math/Science/Technology lab at Crosby is being explored.

    -There will be KALP (Kingston Advanced Learner’s Program) activities at Crosby. 

    -Modulars will not be used for classrooms at Crosby. Anna Hayner, PTO president at Crosby, requested that the District consider allowing the PTO to use this space. 

    -There will be playground equipment at both Middle Schools. 

    -Students will be separated by grade level at lunchtime.

    -Updated Middle School Enrollment Figures:
    -M. Clifford Miller Middle School 80% capacity
    -J. Watson Bailey 89% capacity 

    Jill Geraci, president of the Zena PTA, felt that the meeting was a success.
    “Thank you to all the Zena/Crosby parents, teachers, Mrs. Higgins, and Mrs. Anderson for the fabulous shared meeting we had last night at Zena,” she wrote in an email. “Thank you to Dr. Padalino for coming to answer our questions and even sharing a few laughs. Looking forward to more great community, teamwork, and fun times together. What a warm feeling I had leaving and good laughs on the way out! Now to get working on that Winter Carnival for January 26 at Zena!”

    11/26/12 Update
    Plans are in place to bring together the Zena school community and the Crosby School community.
    November 2012 -  Pen-Pals.  The first bundle of letters was received at Crosby from the students at Zena School.   Crosby students in grade K-3 will be sending their responses before winter recess. 
    December 11, 2012 – The Zena PTA & the Crosby PTO will have a joint meeting at Zena at 7:00pm.   The two parent groups will plan for the combined Winter Carnival that will be take place on Saturday, January 26, 2012 at Zena School.
    January 26, 2013 – Combined Winter Carnival at Zena
    January – March – Battle of the Books  - Teams will be formed with students from Crosby & Zena on the same team.  There will be three sets of books and three sets of competitions -- one for kindergarteners and first graders; one for second and third graders; one for fourth and fifth graders.  The program will begin after winter recess with a kickoff assembly and the "battle" will be right before spring break.   Staff from both schools will work with students to maintain excitement, talk about what details that should be remembered, who is reading which books, prepare for the completion, etc.  Teams within the grade brackets will be set up so that all teams have kids of varying reading levels.  This has been an annual event at Zena School and it will continue when the two schools become one.