• Dear M. Clifford Miller Middle School families:

    This morning, building administrators were made aware of a situation with a student who brought a BB gun to the bus stop, displayed it to students on the bus, and then put it in their locker. Upon learning of the situation, staff promptly conducted a search and the BB gun was confiscated by the School Resource Officer. Law enforcement was immediately contacted and worked with the District to investigate the situation and ensure that the building was a safe environment for students and staff.

    During this investigation, it was also discovered that two additional students were involved in the possession of a kitchen paring knife, which was also confiscated. 

    In both instances, the investigation determined that the students did not have intent to harm anyone and that there was no specific danger to students and staff. Nevertheless, these are significant violations of school rules and we are treating these situations very seriously. Per the terms of our Code of Conduct, the students were immediately suspended pending the required superintendent’s hearings.

    We would like to thank the students who shared the information with school staff that led to the quick and safe recovery of these items. We all play an important role in keeping our buildings safe and “see something, say something” is a vital component of ensuring this is possible. 

    We also ask parents to please continue to partner with us in creating a safe learning environment for all students by reinforcing with your children that weapons, including toys and look-alikes, are neither appropriate for, nor permitted in, our schools. The impact of a violation can have a long-term impact on a child's future.

    As always, we sincerely appreciate your continued support and value the trust you place in us each day to keep your children safe.


    Andrew Sheber