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    All notes should be turned in prior to the start of the school day.

    All absences, early dismissals and late arrivals must have a written or emailed note to be considered excused. They can be emailed to both and or turned in with students upon arrival at school.  

    *All efforts should be made to provide a written note to the Attendance Office prior to first period. All students must sign-out in the Attendance Office. If a student is returning to school, they must sign back in.

    Phone calls for absences are not necessary, as ALL absences from school require written notification. Without written notification, they are considered unexcused absences.

    Check out our Q & A section, our Attendance Rules and our Attendance Policy


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  • Parents/guardians are responsible under the School Attendance Laws of New York State for their children's regular attendance and punctuality.

    Our office can be contacted using the information on the right.

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Attendance Q & A

  • What are the consequences for unexcused tardies?

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    1st-3rd occurrence=verbal warning

    4th-6th occurrence=automatic lunch detention beginning the day of occurrence

    7th occurrence=referral, 1 day of ISS and parent notification

    10th occurrence=referral, consequences as per the Code of Conduct plus parent meeting. May result in Principal's Credit Appeal meeting, PINS, or CPS reporting.

    Please refer to Attendance Rules for more information.


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  • What is considered an excused absence?

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    Absences for illness, medical/dental appointments, funerals and vacations that are approved are a few examples of excused absences. 

    All absences should be followed up with a note and/or email within 48 hours of the absence, or before a planned absence. 

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  • What is considered an unexcused absence?

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    Any absence which is not explained by note/email will be considered unexcused.

    Some examples of unexcused absences are personal, car issues, hair or nail appointments, and job interviews.

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  • How will teachers know whether students have excused or unexcused absences?

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    When students return from their absence, they can stop in the attendance office with their note and collect a pink slip for excused absences.

    This should be shown to each teacher so they can update their files accordingly. 

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  • How many unexcused absences can my child have?

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    There are only 9 allowed absences per semester course and 18 for a full-year course.


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  • If my child exceeds the 9/18 absences what should we do to obtain course credit?

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    If your child exceeds 9 absences for a half-year course, or 18 for a full-year course, they are eligible to have a credit appeal meeting. This allows them to make a plan with the teacher and school to make up the absences and earn credit.

    The form for credit appeal meetings is located below in the file library. 

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  • How do I get in touch with the attendance office at KHS?

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    Contact information for the attendance office is listed at the top right of this page. 

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File Library

  • Achieving perfect attendance is no small feat, and we are incredibly proud of each and every one of you. It takes not only hard work and determination but also a bit of luck and good health along the way!


    Here are our students who’ve received certificates for perfect attendance for the 2022-2023 school year: 


    Valerie Ates

    Tammy Chen

    Vincent Chen

    Lataylah Gary

    Conor Girard

    Caden Hubbell

    Kyla Kelley

    Eason Lai

    Benjamin Lee

    Sean Martin

    Daisy Martinez

    Tatiyona Meeks

    Marcus McRae

    Emilio Ramirez Navarrete

    Alexander Rios

    Liliana Roglieri

    Charlotte Solfrian


    Please note: Caden Hubbell (Grade 10) and Alexander Rios (Grade 12) are not pictured.

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